20 March WOHD 2023


The conference dedicated to the WOHD and 25th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Stomatological Association is being conducted at the Azerbaijan Medical University. All students of dental faculty, dentist and doctors of other fields have the open access to our conference. The main purpose is to deliver information on oral health importance and value to as many people as possible. The major topics are NCD vs Oral health - Diabetes mellitus in children and its manifestations in the mouth. Another topic is about posture and TMJ condition. During the conference toolkits provided by FDI are being distributed among participants, the slogan Be Proud of Your Mouth is widely used during advertisement of the event. We hope that the series of activities on WOHD will help to raise awareness on oral health issues and understand how significant is the oral health in order to have a healthy body. 



Samad Vurgun Str.

Azerbaijan Medical University