3.20 Summary of World Oral Health Day activities


March 20th is the "World Oral Health Day". In order to improve the public's oral health literacy and enhance the medical experience of patients with oral diseases, the Department of Stomatology carried out a large-scale oral health popularization activity with the theme of "Proud of healthy oral health" under the leadership of Director Qingshan Dong.

The activity was divided into two parts: In the first part, under the leadership of Director Qingshan Dong and head nurse Ying Deng, a science symposium was held in the oral and maxillofacial surgery ward with the theme of "Maintaining oral health and caring for the Voyage of Life". The symposium was presided over by Head nurse Ying  Deng and head nurse Xianxing Xu, and attended by hospitalized patients and nursing representatives. Yanxia Yang taught the harm of chewing areca nut for patients and called on all patients to cherish health and stay away from areca nut; Wulin Li then demonstrated the use of common oral care tools, including dental flusher, floss and proper brushing, for about two hours in combination with a video broadcast.

In the second part, in the morning of March 27th, Director Yihui Ma led the team to carry out the free diagnosis of various oral diseases in Wuhan University of Technology (Mafangshan Campus). The free diagnosis experts provided one-to-one service to carry out the examination and diagnosis of various oral diseases and put forward treatment suggestions. The activity lasted more than two hours. There were 15 staff members involved in the activity, including 2 senior professional title experts, 6 attending physicians, 5 resident physicians and 2 nurses. The activity covered more than 500 patients, including local people and students in school. At the activity site, 6 exhibition shelves were placed, publicity materials were distributed, and more than 500 oral health gifts were presented. At the activity site, nurses gave orderly guidance, doctors patiently listened to patients one to one consultation, and seriously explained the knowledge of oral disease prevention and treatment. Free treatment of various kinds of oral diseases, including maxillofacial surgery, dental pulp, periodontal, orthodontic, repair, implant, children's dental diseases and other specialties, with a point to the surface, effectively enhance the oral health concept and oral health awareness of patients.

The "World Oral Health Day" popular science publicity activities have achieved a good response, the majority of patients learn oral health care and oral disease prevention knowledge, but also to create a good atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to oral health played a role in promoting.



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