Community dental care


We, community dental care, would like to propose the following ideas for the celebration of World’s Oral Health Day in order to promote oral health. We believe that it’s important to encourage everyone to take good care of their oral hygiene and deliver our message in a light, interesting way. We hope that this day gives us the chance to pass on our knowledge to others that could make beneficial use of it. 

Date: March 21st, 2023

Decorations of the sides of the walls with infographics
2 spin wheels and games
Discounts on dental services from private clinics such as scaling
Photobooth by Oh Snap
360 camera

Game throughout the campus to attract students to our booth
Trivia questions 
Simple oral and dental tips and tricks
Supermolar’s mascot 

Patient's waiting area:
Awareness content in the form of videos, pamphlets, and discussions with the patients
How to brush your teeth 
How to floss 
Distribution of our comic book
For children, we’re planning to host a puppet show, play, and hellahumbahola show to give the dental information 

Please note that this is a preliminary proposal and we are currently working on the event’s details. . Thus, it is subject to changes.