Get Involved

WOHD is a truly global event and would not be the success that it is without the commitment and dedication of people like you. We rely on your actions as individuals, healthcare professionals and governmental decision makers – combined – to protect the oral health of families and communities. There are many levels at which you can get involved and this toolkit highlights the material and resources available to you – throughout the duration of the campaign. You can help make a difference no matter how big or small your involvement is.

Material and resources

The WOHD logo is registered, available in over 35 languages, and can be used without permission if promoting the WOHD campaign, an event or within advocacy materials associated to WOHD.

Download logo

Choose among our six campaign posters designed to empower people to take control of their oral health and adopt good oral hygiene habits throughout life, as well as have regular dental check-ups. Print the posters for distribution and display at events, in dental practices, clinics, hospitals, schools, homes and workplaces, etc., or share them through your social media networks.

A brochure with tips on how to Live Mouth Smart is available with messages to maintain good oral hygiene habits and avoid risk factors for a life free from the pain and suffering caused by oral disease. Read the brochure to help educate yourself and others on the risk factors for oral disease and the actions that can be taken to protect oral health. Share the brochure online or print copies for distribution at WOHD events or in dental practice/clinic waiting rooms, schools and workplaces.

An infographic with easily digestible data and statistics will be ready for download to support your awareness-raising efforts, which you can display on your blog or share through social media.

A campaign video will be released in the run up to WOHD centered on delivering prevention messages in a fun and interesting way, which you can view and share through your social media networks.

Let us know what you are planning to do by adding your activities to the WOHD online events map.

This App allows people across the globe to create their own WOHD visuals by uploading images they feel embody the spirit of WOHD in their country, driving further engagement with the campaign. App participants can use their images across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media and create posters to display in dental practices or clinics.

We encourage smart mouths to play Mad Mouths, the game that educates players on the importance of oral health by swiping away plaque, stubborn foods and harmful bacteria, while trying to avoid swiping the toothpaste. Download and share the game:

Spread the word through social media

The two main hashtags used in this year's campaign are #LiveMouthSmart and #WOHD17.

Ideas to inspire

Check out our worldwide map of activities and see what local events are happening in your country and how you can get involved.

Organize an event in your local community, schools, workplaces or dental clinics to make people aware of WOHD and the importance of preventing oral disease, as well as the actions needed to take control of their oral hygiene. It does not matter how big or small the event is as every action contributes to growing awareness.

If you are an oral health professional, in addition to education your outreach activities could include free oral health checks and distributing toothbrushes and toothpastes. You might also wish to invite a government official to formally open your event or give a presentation on what policies are in place to protect the population.

Further, you can promote your event through use of the WOHD posters and distributing the patient brochure on the day.

WOHD is an internationally recognized campaign that provides you an excellent opportunity to act towards reducing the oral disease burden by advocating policies addressing oral health. Activities that raise awareness about the risk of oral disease are vital to the success of the campaign. However, their impact can be significantly heightened if accompanied by policy changes facilitating oral health. We encourage you to use WOHD as a platform to advocate policies that create health-promoting environments within your community and region. Advocacy translates awareness into action. When you carry out oral health advocacy, you are raising awareness of the disease burden and presenting solutions to key people with the power to make policies that further the cause.

Whether calling for healthy food in school cafeterias, a ban on sugary soft drinks or affordable access to fluoride toothpastes, a petition is an effective way of raising awareness and affecting change. Celebrate WOHD by sharing your petition with other members of the public and government officials.

Are you an oral health expert? Policy changes need public support and no public outreach is too small to inspire interest in your cause. Celebrate WOHD by sharing your knowledge and experience in promoting oral health in schools, hospitals, community centres, etc., or run an educational seminar on oral disease prevention for the general public.

Invite a celebrity chef to host a special dinner or maybe do this in collaboration with a local hotel or restaurant. Turn it into a media event and sell corporate tables/individual places with a tombola or even an auction. Your prizes could be dinner at the selected restaurant, cooking classes, supermarket vouchers and so on.

Work in partnership with like-minded health organizations focusing on other diseases with shared risk factors i.e. heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases and work together to raise awareness. Ask them to help promote WOHD, for example, over their social media channels by retweeting or sharing your messages. You could also invite them to make presentations at your events to talk about the benefits of good oral health in maintaining general health and well-being.