Promoting Oral Health Literacy throughout the Lifespan Campaign


1.Oral Health Science Popularization and Education Campaign

   On March 3 and March 15, Haihua Zhu, Vice president of Grand Canal (Shangtang) Campus of the Stomatology Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJUSS), gave a popular science lecture on "Oral Health and Overall Health" to residents of the Caima community and members of The School of Brain Science and Brain Medicine,, respectively. Doctor Zhu introduced the relationship between oral health and overall health from various aspects, including the human pursuit of beauty with "eyes like jewels and teeth like shells", the relationship between oral microbiota and systemic diseases, common oral diseases and their diagnosis and treatment. He also interacted with the audience during the lectures. dental check-up and consultation Campaign

  March 5th is the commemoration day of Lei Feng and also China's Youth Volunteer Service Day. From March 3rd to 8th, volunteers from the Stomatology Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJUSS)provided free dental consultations for a total of 311 people in four neighborhoods and the Shunfeng Innovation Center in Shangtang Street, Hangzhou. The activity covered various age groups. During the event, volunteers provided detailed answers to professional questions about oral hygiene, and made professional treatment recommendations based on different examination situations. For disabled people who had difficulty moving, the volunteer doctors provided one-on-one oral examinations at their homes. The purpose of this event is to promote the spirit of Lei Feng by demonstrating the kindness of medical workers, inspiring the enthusiasm for volunteer service, and better serving the general public.

   On the afternoon of March 17th, the Graduate Student Party Branch and Zijingang Campus  Faculty and Staff’s Party Branch of the Stomatology Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZJUSS) , to carry out a free dental clinic activity under the leadership of high-level talents at Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University. The event aimed to help safeguard the oral health of teachers and students and contribute to the co-construction and sharing of "healthy teeth" for the upcoming Asian Games.

3.Providing oral health check-ups and education for left-behind children


The Graduate Student Party Branch and students of ZJUSS have visited Sanhe Primary School in Jiande City multiple times to carry out the "Bright Teeth, Happy Childhood" activity, popularizing oral health knowledge, conducting oral examinations, and providing appropriate anti-caries technical services for local elementary school students. With a professional background in dentistry, they have planned health clinics and special courses, covering more than 150 students in six grades, and have been warmly welcomed by the students. Through companionship and interactive growth, they have helped students broaden their horizons, enhance their abilities, and experience the joy of exploration.


4."Little Dentist" activity

Grand Canal (Shangtang) Campus,The Stomatology Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicinein collaboration held a "Little Dentist" activity on World Oral Health Day (March 20th) with the aim of raising awareness of oral health and promoting a lifetime of bright smiles. Zhu Haihua, Deputy Dean of the campus, and Zhang Jianchun, Director of the Nursing Department, were on site to guide the activity.


The registered children entered the Hospital and transformed into "Little Dentists" by putting on small doctor uniform. They also designed cartoon avatars for themselves on a smiley sign-in wall.Jiang Linjia, the head nurse from the department of pediatric dentistry, transformed into the "Tooth Fairy" and provided a detailed explanation of the structure of teeth, the development process of cavities, and how to protect teeth through a series of oral health knowledge. The children listened attentively, actively raised their hands, and interacted with the "Tooth Fairy" through question and answer sessions.

   "Tooth Fairy" led the "Little Dentists" to learn the circular brushing method suitable for children through a fun brushing gesture dance. After learning, the "Little Dentists" practiced on cartoon teeth to see who could brush the cleanest!

At the end of the activity, the doctors applied fluoride to the children's teeth. The "Little Dentists" cooperated well and sat on the dental chair to receive the check-up and fluoride treatment because they understood the importance of fluoride in preventing tooth decay.

The "Little Dentist" practical activity is mainly guided education, which fully allows children to learn about oral health through role-playing activities, understand the importance of maintaining healthy teeth, and eliminate fear and rejection of dental visits through experience.

Through this activity, children have expressed their intention to take good care of their teeth and develop good brushing habits in the future. It is hoped that these "Little Dentists" will continue to pay attention to oral health throughout their growth and have a bright smile for life!


5.Oral Blessing Campaign for elderly people

  Improving the health of elderly individuals is an important aspect of implementing the Healthy China strategy and also a crucial part of elderly care in the new era. Inspired by the stories of 86 heroes who fought in the Korean War, ZJUSS  launched the "Oral Blessing Campaign" to promote the spirit of "resisting US aggression and aiding Korea". The campaign aims to implement the national strategy to actively respond to population aging, fulfill the public mission of "going to the grassroots, respecting the elderly, providing dental care, and achieving common prosperity", and provide free dental implants to the elderly heroes in Wuyi County. Since the launch of the campaign, all 86 veterans have been visited, and their quality of life has greatly improved. The campaign has also received high recognition from the Chinese Stomatological Association and many experts in the field.


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