World Oral Health Day  theme 'BE PROUD OF YOUR MOUTH ' is endorsed by Dental Hygiene Department in Qassim University, KSA and planned 4 months different  programs as part of the campaign. There are 11 different specilay well designed programs for different target groups

1.Poster &Educational exhibits  at different sites

2.Preventive dental treatment camps  for all the target population in Saudi Arabia

3.School Tooth brushing programs

4.School Fluoride programs

5.Pit&Fissure sealant programs

6.Periodontal  care for the prisoners

7.Oral Health &nutritional campaign

8.School teachers and Parents Targeted life style diseases prevention programs

9.Oral Health care for special needs

10.Oral Hygiene care for bedridden/under palliative care patients

11.Oral Health acre for sports personnels

12.Oral Health care for factory workers& Small industrial groups