World Oral Health Day 2023

Dental practice visit

As mandated by the department during last meeting to chair the WOHD committee, I am presenting this as my proposal and budget of the 2023 WOHD program. There are some specified headlines which serves as guidelines to how a WOHD event should be celebrated. These headlines includes community outreach, presentations, rallies of oral health education and promotion etc. Looking the available resources of human capital, financial ability, infrastructure and equipments. I hereby present to you the Ecohsat's 2023 world oral health day proposal. Organised by the department of dental health sciences and dental clinic. 

- In line with its main aim of serving humanity, ECOHSAT through DHS will earn a good and memorable reputation. 
- Its an opportunity to officially recall all our past students making up a mini DHS Alumni reunion event while the students help in these procedures. (This will be the first of its kind in the college) Dental always come first everywhere.✊?
- Our current students will get the most important experiences for their journey in dental therapy profession and therefore giving them a live insight of how the profession practically looks like. 
- It'll recharge the college communities and DHS staffs of their practical and community engagement duties. 
- A good videography of the event will sell the brand name of the college.

- Less privileged people from the college community i.e, cleaners and securities.
- Neighbors of the college.
-Less privileged children  
- Destitutes 
Each category above get 50 slots which make up the 200 patient free treatment program as outreach. 

1.Oral examination
2. Scaling and polishing
3. Simple fillings
4.. Simple extractions
5. Dentures
6. Oral health instructions
7. Drugs, toothpaste, toothbrushes and dental floss distribution
NOTE: All 200 patients will get the oral examination and one or two other packages

1. Oral examination
Team leader
HOD Hussaini Abdulhamid Tilde
-Dr Ijeoma
-Former dental students
-Final year dental students
2. Scaling and polishing
Team leader
Ag HOD Malama Jamila
-Shuaibu Muhammed
- Ameer on (NYSC) duty
- Former dental students
- Final year dental students
3. Dentures and mechanical and electric logistics
Team leader
Malam Abdurrahman Ahmad Kwalli
- Any available dental technologist
- Former dental students
- Final year dental students
4. Simple extractions and simple fillings
Team leader
Adam Garkuwa and his doctors
- Former dental students
- Final year dental students
5. Oral health education and oral hygiene  instructions
Team leader
Malam Dauda Adam
- Former Dental Students
- Final year dental students
6. Drugs and materials distribution
Team leader
Malama Rabi'ah 
- Former dental students
- Final year dental students
Sterilization and disinfection
Team leader
Malama Zulaihat
-Former Dental Students
- Final year dental students

- The dental demonstration clinic
- The dental clinic
- The college premises
- The college auditorium 

Within 2 or 3 days, before and after the World Oral Health Day, there will be lectures that'll hold in auditorium which comprises 
- The history of dental therapy profession, DTRBN, NDTA and their functions by Malam Suleiman Aliyu
- The challenges ahead female dental professionals in northern Nigeria by Dr Zainab or Dr Fatima
-  Serving the humanity through the opportunities in dental therapy profession by Shuaibu Muhammed & Hassan Ibrahim
- HOD's special round table with (Selected) staffs, current students and former students.
- Prophet Muhammad SAW is the first oral health educator. 
by any renowned Sheikh. If its not feasible, I highly recommend Abdullahi Bello Bunza. *This lecture should call the attention of the entire college community and even outsiders.

T Shirts and Face caps

If 500,000 to 700,000 naira can cover expenses (without T shirts and face caps)
- Each student should be mandated to contribute towards accomplishment of this event. 
200 less priviledge will be treated free off charge. For the fact that the students are already dental students, the WOHD requires their participation and contribution. 
- With the number of patients we're targetting to treat in a program that'll be celebrated worldwide, also the first of its kind in the history of the college, the management, director and even other staffs of the college will happily make a generous donation to support this program. 

This proposal is a sample of how a community program can be achieved. All it requires is the willingness to do it. I believe we have more than enough man power, infrastructure, equipments, instruments and finance ability to do even better than this. 


Emirates College Of Health Sciences And Techonology, Kabuga, Kano
Kano 700213