Collection activity for "Healthy Oral and Healthy Body" works from the School of Stomatology, Xi'an Medical University

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Summary of the 320 Works Collection Activity at the Stomatology College of Xi'an Medical University

In active response to the call of the Chinese Stomatological Association, with the efforts of the counselors and teachers of the Stomatology College of Xi'an Medical College and the Study Department of the Student Union, after a series of intense and fulfilling work including planning, publicity, solicitation, and selection, the 320th "Healthy Oral Cavity, Healthy Body" works collection activity for all students of the Stomatology College is about to come to a close. Looking back on the entire process of organizing the activity, every detail is vividly remembered.

I. Planning Initiation, Full of Confidence

This activity was commanded by the counselor, Teacher Qu Jianli, who mobilized the Student Union to launch the World Oral Health Day themed activity at the beginning of March. It was ultimately decided that Yang Ting, the deputy minister of the Study Department of the Student Union, and Yu Yifan would be jointly responsible for all matters related to the "Healthy Oral Cavity, Healthy Body" collection work. After careful division of labor, it was decided to conduct comprehensive publicity throughout the college on March 13, collect manuscripts before March 25, and have the responsible teachers contact the judges for subsequent work on selecting works. Everyone was full of confidence and had high expectations for this activity.

II. Response and Publicity, Collection of Works

In response to the initiative of the Chinese Stomatological Association to carry out activities for the 320th World Oral Health Day, the responsible persons referred to specific documents and contacted the actual situation of the college to set three types of works for this collection activity:

1. Log in to the FDI "World Oral Health Day" official website, choose the appropriate template, and create personalized posters.

2. Study the 320 column of the Chinese Stomatological Association, classify and organize information beneficial to oral health, and write reports on World Oral Health Day activities.

3. Take pictures and videos of World Oral Health Day. The college also held oral consultations and offline lectures on March 20. Participants' works need to reflect elements related to oral health. This collection activity was well received by students after its promotion, and a total of 19 individual and team works were received by the deadline.

III. Follow-up Arrangements, Profound SummaryAfter initial screening by responsible teachers, a total of 1 activity video, 3 activity reports, and 11 poster image works were selected. After further selection by the college leadership, the final selection of the collection activity will be conducted online in the near future, and it will be sent out in the form of push tweets. It is worth mentioning that a total of 11 awards were set up for this collection, aiming to stimulate the creative power of every participant.

The "Healthy Oral Cavity, Healthy Body" works collection activity undoubtedly left a deep impression and valuable experience to the organizers of the college. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to work hard and believe that every World Oral Health Day activity will be better and better under the influence of the Chinese Stomatological Association.



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