Дental care during pregnancy



On the occasion of the World Oral Health Day on 19.03.2024 (Tuesday) Matrona Intl will organize a webinar dedicated to dental care during pregnancy and care for oral hygiene in the newborn. The care and maintenance of oral health is of great importance, especially during pregnancy.

On our free webinar future moms will have the opportunity to learn more about dental care during pregnancy and oral hygiene techniques for the newborn. The lecturer of the webinar will be D-r Bojan Angelovski, specialist in pediatric dentistry, who will share the best practices and tips for maintaining healthy teeth in these important stages of life.

The webinar will focus on:

The impact of pregnancy on oral health and how to maintain the health of your teeth.

The importance of regular examinations at the dentist during pregnancy.

How to avoid the problems with the first teeth in the newborn.

How to build the oral hygiene routine.

Breastfeeding, positions and its impact on teeth development

What to consider when using pacifiers.




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