Yes, we can! (OΛΟΙ ΜΠΟΡΟΥΜΕ) - Oral Health Awareness Campaign


The Dental Association of Piraeus (as a member οf the FDI's member Hellenic Dental Association) has designed this year's "Yes, We can!" awareness campaign for WOHD, in which voluntary figures from the sports world (Olympians, Paralympians, World Champions), as well as individuals from the artistic, educational, and business communities, along with students, people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities and ordinary citizens participate.

Goals :

The prevention and promotion of oral health to people of all ages (from birth to the elderly) of the general population and socially vulnerable groups (people with disabilities, cancer patients) in the Greece area.  In this campaign, we not only convey messages about oral health but also social messages that reinforce people's desire to achieve things they consider impossible.

The campaign includes a public event, printed and online promotive materials such as brochures and posters with QR, an online quiz with winners, 17 videos featuring participants conveying messages to the people, promotion of oral health messages via public transportation in cooparation with Municipality of Piraeus, musical radio broadcast with songs about oral health, educational lectures at schools and dental check ups at schools.

Subjects of our campaign: Oral hygiene, Oral Hugiene for people with special needs, Oral Health and cancer, water's role for oral health, oral health at pregnancy, tips for funny brushing with the kids, the importance for kids to watch brusing a dog's teeth,  healthy diet and oral health, the importance of the mouthguards, the importance of a healthy smile, orthodontic therapy at all ages, the importance of the experiential learning, teacher's role and oral health, safety in teeth whitening, oral health means quality of life, smoking and oral health

attached photo: one of our 16 posters : The  Principal of the Special Primary School for the Blind students in Kallithea Philippos Katsoulis  present us that the right of the oral health is for everybody,  without any discriminations, according to special programms and activities.

please click the indicative links:     video with all the partisipants!! promotion of oral health messages via public transportation in cooparation with Municipality of Piraeus     Michalis Sarakinos with Down Syndrome teaching us that the willpower is the secret to success many things  Paralympic swimmer Alexandra Stamatopoulou teaching us the way to avoid dental diabrosis owed to the chlorine in the pool water  World Champion of marathon Maria Poluzou thanks Dental Society of Piraeus for the award owed to her participation to the campaign "YES, WE CAN" Evangelia Vassiliki present us the way she is teaching oral health to her little students according programms of experimental learning ,although they are living to a small acritic Greek island flipbook included information about oral health and social messages that reinforce people's desire to achieve things they consider impossible public event at 3/20/24 online quiz with questions about oral health with winners (prize: oral health products)  information about oral health  (scanning the QRs -on all the posters of the campaign)  / Michalis Agraniotis the President of  Dental Society of Piraeus talking about oral health and the campaign "YES,  WE CAN!"  at an informative radio broadcast  / the President of of the Dental Society of Piraeus Preventive Committee talking and choosing songs about oral health at a musical radio broadcoast 



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